Banking Menu

Alameda County CAN hopes to leverage the success and relationships of other groundbreaking local and statewide efforts serving the un- and under-banked with low-cost financial products, give people a “second chance”, and allow people with alternative forms of identification access to the financial mainstream.

Alameda County CAN’s Banking Menu is different – just like people’s financial product needs, preferences, and skill levels.  In our model, clients working with their financial counselor or educator are referred to the “best fit” product for them.  Together with the financial institution, the counselor/educator and client will work to ensure a successful experience with the product.

We have developed:

  • an assessment tool to determine people’s financial product needs, readiness and preferences,
  • an in-depth inventory, to be made available online, of entry-level financial products from the 15 institutions with the largest footprint in Alameda County;
  • a referral certificate to help institutions identify our clients, and
  • a tracking tool to collect and report data on clients’ success with the products.