Summer Stakeholder Convening Debrief & News from the Field

Summer Stakeholder Convening Debrief & News from the Field Earlier this month AC CAN hosted our summer Stakeholder Convening in collaboration with the San Francisco Office of Financial Empowerment (SF OFE). Prevailing Challenges to Financial Success in the Bay Area focused on two key topic areas in the income and asset development field that our [...]

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Personal Stories, Not Facts, Make Change

This advocacy mantra refers to the human nature of decision makers who are often more swayed by a moving story, convincingly told, than a wealth of statistics.  Politicians and other decision makers need access to accurate data which is skillfully interpreted.  But politicians also need to hear stories from the people who are directly impacted [...]

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Building Financial Security to Develop Healthy Families: A partnership between First 5 Alameda County and AC CAN

Low-income families in our region are struggling more than ever to balance family budgets, which are stressed by rising housing costs on top of the already high cost of Bay Area living.  Families’ financial worries show up as stress, and extended periods of stress can take their toll on physical, mental, and emotional health. School [...]

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AC CAN Went to Sacramento

Last week AC CAN presented at the California Asset Building Coalition Symposium in Sacramento.  We were on a panel called Making it Work-Integrating Financial Capability in Workforce Programs, moderated by Lisa Forti from First 5 Alameda County. We shared the work that AC CAN has done to bring together youth workforce programs and financial capability [...]

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AC CAN Welcomes New Member MyPath

There are 20 million young people ages 16 – 24 working in the U.S., earning their first paychecks, often through youth employment programs. Many of these youth and young adults are growing up in financial deserts — communities without ready access to safe, quality financial tools and information.   As a result, when youth from these [...]

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Thanks and Preparation from AC CAN

A Message of Thanks and Preparation from AC CAN On the week of Thanksgiving, AC CAN would like to take a moment to thank our member organizations for all of their hard work this year to support low-income communities in increasing their incomes and building their assets. AC CAN member organizations and agencies do a [...]

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AC CAN is pleased to Introduce NPower, one of our Newest Members

Silicon Valley has been repeatedly criticized for their failure to recruit and retain tech employees from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds.  NPower, one of Alameda County Community Asset Network’s newest members, is helping to address this issue in the Bay Area. NPower builds brighter futures for underserved young adults and veterans, predominantly people of color, [...]

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