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The Savvy Consumer Toolkit is an innovative financial education curriculum that uses popular education methods to raise awareness about predatory financial products and connect consumers to low-cost alternatives.

Goals for the Toolkit

  • Increase the awareness of predatory financial products and services present in the community
  • Help consumers avoid predatory products by developing an analysis of marketing and messaging strategies used in the financial industry
  • Connect consumers to low cost, community-based financial products and services
  • Explore the impact of predatory financial products and services at the individual, family and community levels


To FACILITATE A WORKSHOP the Toolkit contains these materials:

  • Training Curriculum
  • Presentation Slide Deck
  • Participant Guide
  • Training Invitation Flyer


To work ONE-ON-ONE WITH A CLIENT the Toolkit contains these materials:

  • One Pagers on eight financial topics
  • Wallet Cards on the same eight topics to use at a bank, car dealership, or payday loan store

These resources are available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Tagalog, and Farsi.

Ready to use the Savvy Consumer Toolkit?


Download the Toolkit

What Does the Savvy Consumer Toolkit Look Like?

View a sample one pager by clicking on the image

The Toolkit Explores Eight Potentially Predatory Financial Services: 

Car Financing                                                Credit Cards

Tax Refund Anticipation Loans                 Car Title Loans

Rent-to-Own                                                  Check Cashing

Payday Loans                                                 Prepaid Debit Cards

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